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There are two known types of interface the applications normally have – graphical user interface (GUI), and the command line interface (CLI). Graphical user interface is known to every computer user. Command line is the interface in which the user types specific commands on a specified line, receives a response back from the system, and then enters another command, or completes the operation. To convert and resize images our users also have a choice between the two types of interfaces. Apart from the graphical user interface, the users of ImageConverter Plus can utilize our other product – Image Converter Command Line. It is more often preferred by graphics professionals rather than average users. Image Converter Command Line is able to perform very complex image conversion tasks via a short command. Talking about advantages and disadvantages of both types of interfaces, it may be wise to admit that CLI is more useful when the users need to be effective. It offers immense flexibility in one single command. Image Converter Command Line allows combining a set of commands into a .bat file that is similar to the profile offered by our GUI – thus, there will be no necessity to type numerous commands even for complex image conversion jobs – they will all be inside one powerful command able to make a difference for your images.