How to choose between GIF and PNG

ImageConverter Plus is the software supporting the largest number of all the existing image formats and their dialects. Realizing that the needs of our users vary we try to offer image conversion solutions for everyone regardless of the task complexity. Among the formats supported by ImageConverter Plus are GIF and PNG that provide a standardized method of organizing and storing image data. Our users often need to decide in which situations one of these formats should replace another, and in which they are interchangeable. GIF is a lossless format, which means that as long as the colors in the image can be represented within 256 colors, there will be no loss in quality. So GIF works great with images having limited colors like drawings and diagrams. Two important features of GIF are the support for transparency and animation. The ability to animate images has made GIF the preferred format for banners and drawings adding life into web pages. The PNG format was developed as a replacement for the GIF format when it appeared that GIF images would be subject to a royalty fee. PNG graphics have a better compression rate than GIF images which result in smaller images than the same file saved as a GIF. PNG is a great improvement over the GIF format because it uses 24 bits (palettes of 24-bit RGB colors) to store information. This means that it can save 16 million colors and that too is lossless giving superior image quality. ImageConverter Plus allows conversion of GIF and PNG images into other formats. You can also edit your animated GIFs, or protect them from illegal use.