Changing Windows icons design

ICO is the file extension for the Microsoft Windows icon image file format. It is used to store icons for Windows programs, files, and folders. Different operating systems have different icon formats as they like to use their own. Consequently, Microsoft Windows uses its ICO format for its icons. These icons are the ones that are used for displaying various programs and the small website images that are seen on the browser. The ICO format allows transparency so that icons do not have to appear rectangular when displayed on screen. Possibly the most common type of ICO files are those containing a single 32 by 32 pixel image with a 16 color palette (although icons with larger sizes and more colors are becoming more and more common), which are always exactly 766 bytes in size. ICO files are not compressed. However, as the images that they contain are usually quite small, compression is not really needed anyway. ICO files can be opened and converted to other formats with ImageConverterPlus. Our users really appreciate the possibility for the ICO files to be converted to the JPEG format. We appreciate their feedback and want to remind that there are several other output formats available for conversion depending on your individual needs and preferences.