How to change proportions of your image

With the development of digital technology some tasks that used to be impossible, have now become quite real. The way we take photos, store them, share them and edit them is very advanced and requires further development of proper software. It was barely possible in the past to change proportions of the image, while nowadays image processing software allows doing so. Changing proportions of the picture may be necessary, when the photo is rectangular, while it needs to be a square. Changing proportions of photos can be done with the help of ImageConverter Plus, specifically its advanced resize options. When you resize your image, default settings will leave the shape of your image untouched, but the possibility to change proportions of the image is available among the advanced options available. Choose the appropriate image size in inches, centimeters, or percentage, and click “no” to the question regarding keeping proportions. You can then specify how you want to make the image fit – Fit in size will reduce your image to fit it to the specified size. Fill in size will crop the image to fit the size.