Change the mood of your photos

Black-and-white photography can be considered many different ways: as something old fashioned only done by retrograde photographers, as something you learn at the school lab and then grow out of; as a way to distinguish yourself, etc. But no doubt, black-and-white photos are classic and elegant, even romantic and special. Lots of people love the elegant and artistic look of black-and-white photos, but most people cannot capture them with their digital cameras. ImageConverter Plus offers two ways for creating black-and-white photos – applying sepia effect, or removing the color from a photo converting it to grayscale. Grayscale is a color mode made up of 256 shades of gray. These 256 colors include absolute black, absolute white and 254 shades of gray in-between. So, essentially, you emulate the look of a black-and-white photo, but the photo is actually made up of lots of different shades of gray. Besides creating black-and-white images, grayscale is also applied to create transparency masks and alpha channels.