Change dpi of your PNG files

Diagrams in general are something that helps the viewers visualize company projects, business development, achievements or losses. There are a bunch of software applications that help the users create diagrams, but sharing them with someone who does not have specific software applications becomes problematic. Diagrams have to be saved in the image format that allows keeping every detail to reflect the workflow of the company projects. JPEG is not really good for diagrams – this image format is perfect for photographic images, but not for something where every single detail matters. PNG offers one of the best compression algorithms. It does not lose any data; images never look blurry – each and every line of the tiniest image is preserved without any quality loss. This is one of the reasons for choosing PNG over other image formats to save diagrams. Another complication arises when there is a necessity to change dpi of the PNG format. Open ImageConverter Plus. If you already have your diagrams saved as PNG files, upload them to the software. Changing dpi is one of the strengths of ImageConverter Plus. What you need to do is to go to the advanced resize options. You can specify the desired resolution, for instance, 300 dpi in horizontal and/or vertical resolution. You can also control color depth and compression level of your PNG images.