Capture fish with your camera instead of catching them

Fish photography can be very challenging, but very rewarding. Not only do you need to know a fish’s behavior, but you also need to find out what time of day they are active, and how to best approach them. Don’t be afraid to spend time with the fish, and don’t be afraid to try different creative underwater photography techniques and post-processing techniques to make your images perfect. Taking for granted that you need to have a proper camera for underwater photography, you should realize that very rarely will your images be perfect right away – you should be ready to spend time at your computer removing unnecessary elements from your photos, creating portrait photos of your favorite fish, or resizing your images. In underwater photography, the editing process can be more challenging than ever. Most underwater photographs are lit at least partly by artificial light, so later you should correct the brightness/contrast of your images. HDR underwater is very difficult because of the dynamic nature of the underwater world – everything is constantly moving and changing, but if you can’t go without HDR photography, ImageConverter Plus will help you convert your images into more commonly used image formats to share them with others, or prepare them for print . With the right approach underwater photographers will achieve their full potential.