CALS format support

ImageConverter Plus does its best to effectively support as many types if image formats as possible, including CALS. Unless you are experienced in working with American government specific documents, processing this format might seem quite complicated. It was first developed to standardize information interchange between branches of the military. It was an attempt to integrate text, graphics, and image data into standard document architecture. CALS has also come into wide use in the commercial computer industry. Last but not least, it is mandatory for use in most US governmental document-handling applications. We fully support both types of this format (type I, type II), while Type II format is more complex than the Type I. Each Type II file may contain one or more pages of image data. There is also a considerable amount of page and document formatting data present in a Type II file. But by far the most common use of the Type II format is simply to store a collection of Type I CALS raster images in the same physical file.