Breaking the big news: sharing your pregnancy

The news that you will soon have a baby is probably one of the most exciting ones in the life of each woman. But how to share this news with the family including your husband? Although the easiest thing to do is to exclaim with delight “I am pregnant!” some women prefer to be more creative – from fixing a baby dinner, drawing funny pictures and making vague comments about play dates, to suddenly presenting others the pregnancy ultrasound. Easy to say, hard to do. It’s easy when someone you share it with is around you. But how to share the excitement with your family in different parts of the country? Ultrasound scanning uses the medical imaging format, DICOM. It is not recognized by regular Windows means and cannot be uploaded as an email attachment. It is both common and rare. It is common for medical professionals, but it is not widely used by an average user. ImageConverter Plus makes it possible to convert your DICOM images into a regular JPEG file to make it suitable for the web usage. The size of the image can be adjusted to a non-bulky email attachment so that your family across the country admire the soon-to-be family member and already decide who he or she looks like. Please note that DICOM is used for very different types of medical images. In case you need to convert your X-ray results to JPEG to send them to some professionals by email, you can easily perform this task using ImageConverter Plus.