Allowing high-bit image processing

Practically every image processing software can handle 8-bit/channel images (8 bit grayscale and 24 bit RGB images) but have limited or no capability to handle 16-bit/channel (16 bit grayscale and 48 bit RGB) images. These high-depth images are essential though for many imaging tasks. Understanding the use of 16-bit/channel images and the way that ImageConverter Plus handles these images allow the users to manipulate them in many useful ways. Bit depth quantifies how many unique colors are available in an image’s color palette. A 16-bit image provides us with 65,536 values for each channel instead of only 255 in an 8-bit image. It’s not just a matter of a greater dynamic range. Extra values represent additional accuracy thus giving us more potential for realism. The latest version of ImageConverter Plus (version 8.0.) provides the complete set of image processing and editing functions for 16-bit/channel images in a wide variety of graphic formats, including TIFF.