Advanced graphics capabilities of the MNG format

MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) is the file format that is intended to provide a home for all of the multi-image capabilities that have no place in PNG. Initially developed by the same people who created the PNG format MNG essentially takes it to the next step by providing a motion format with PNG compression. In other words, MNG was created to give us a better choice compared to GIF . Basically everything GIF can do, MNG can do better by far. It supports all the same basic things and it supports higher quality images as well as better image compression. It is not merely a multi-image, animated extension to PNG; it can also be used to store certain types of single images more compactly than PNG. ImageConverter Plus supports the MNG format to its full extent. When saving your images in the MNG format, you can choose preferred color depth, quantization value, compression level and choose one of the multipage options available (Save as a multipage file, Append to a multipage file and Save file “AS IS”).